Whether it's on the bustling & bright neon streets of Tokyo's Shinjuku district or a massive daylight studio in Tribeca, NY or shooting at a hazy blue ocean backyard in Malibu, CA I have found myself working in editorial, commercial and private portraiture for over 15 years.

I approach every shoot with the same photographic methods but I customize each gig to my client’s various needs; using my experience as an art director to help fill in the blanks.  Some want stoic, others want cheerful and I have years of experience that I can reference to help me get the right shot.

I graduated from the California College of the Arts (CCA) in 2000 with a BFA in photography under the tutelage of Larry Sultan and Jim Goldberg. In addition to photography I learned film-video-audio production & editing from Barney Haynes and Richard Beggs and continue to work in that field with an emphasis on story editing-screenwriting. 

After graduation I started picking up gigs as a lifestyle reporter+photojournalist in Berlin, Germany. I moved to New York City soon after and made it my main base of operations till 2010. The summer of 2010 I was featured in a show at the UCLA Fowler Museum that eventually led me to  Los Angeles where I am now (mostly). The past year I have been working with xRez in Virtual Reality (VR) experiences with an emphasis on photogrammetry.

My photographs, films and words have been used for both advertising and editorial - print and web content: HBO, *surface, nylon, Jane, URB, Black Book, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Visionaire, Ogilvy, Adobe, Microsoft to name a few and I continue to art direct and photograph for Getty Images.


Photo Credit (below): Holly Rose Wood. East 9th and Ave D. NYC.

Polaroid from a Hasselblad back.

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